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Visit us at 520 E. Durant Ave., in Aspen Colorado, across the street from the Silver Queen Gondola.
With an emphasis on tabletop and home accessories, each piece is hand-picked by Amen Wardy for it's beauty and uniqueness. The store offers one of the most fabulous and expertly curated home collections in the country, including home fragrance, dishes, glassware, flatware, linens and gifts. The sweet and savory pantry, contains a delicious array of Amen's candies and salsas. Most recently Amen has added exciting new collections of handbags, scarves and costume jewelry. Come by and visit us for some inspiration and must have finds! In addition with over 60 years of experience in luxury home furnishings we offer customs indoor/outdoor design services on furniture, fixtures and accessories.

Entertain With AmenInviting others into our homes is one of the great joys in life. Whether it’s sharing an elaborate dinner with friends, a simple barbeque lunch with family, or throwing a rollicking cocktail party, entertaining is a wonderful way to connect with people we care about. Amen makes it easy to ratchet up the style quotient with an array of options to suit different tastes and levels of formality. You’ll find copious options and inspiration.

Tabletops with AmenA beautifully set table is like the meal’s sophisticated gift-wrap. Your guests may not remember what you served for dinner, but an unforgettable table can stay etched in their memory for years to come. Every detail counts, from napkin rings to salt & pepper shakers, to the flowers you choose. We have one of the largest, most extensive, tabletop departments in the country.

Fragrant LivingMake your home more inviting and enliven your senses with our extensive collection of mists, ambient diffusers and candles. Whether you favor statuesque pillars or compact votives, it’s time to light up your life with our luxury candles. Even the subtlest of scents can be powerful, evoking emotions and memories within us, often without our notice. Adding an appropriate scent for your home is a wonderful way to set a mood or bring your surroundings to life.

Fragrant AddictionsApplying perfume, cologne or a scented body lotion creates a personal calling card, even if just for the evening. With that in mind, Amen carefully chooses the best products from classic lines. Whether you're looking for a luxurious body wash, perfume for a new season, or unique guest soaps, our carefully culled collection is sure to have just the fragrance to keep you coming back for more.

Accents for EntertainingAmen Wardy Aspen’s Paper Chic line is rounded out by a wide assortment of desirable items for decorating your home and expressing your lifestyle. Stylish paper products are a convenient way to dress up your party or table. With our variety of prints and sizes, there’s something for every occasion. You’ll never have to reach for a boring white paper plate or napkin again.

Amens Pantry 1Amen’s Pantry and Sweet Shop are packed with epicurean delights for all occasions. Really, is a sweet tooth ever satiated? We think not!  And that’s why Amen is always on the lookout for deliciously decadent sweet treats to share with his customers. From a tempting array of our finest candies to Amen's signature salsas and snack mixes, hand-packed with no artificial preservatives or flavors.

AW Gift ThumbWhen you walk into our store in the heart of Aspen, CO, you’re likely to be greeted by Amen. He loves talking to customers and sharing his enthusiasm about new products and the art of pulling them all together to create a beautiful home. Because shopping should be fun, we offer the black signature AW Gift Card. Sleek and sexy it's a great way to allow your recipient to choose exactly what they love!

CAT-AW-Fave-ThingsAmen's Favorite Things are his HOT picks for the moment. If you see him in the store just ask him to show you his favorite items from his most recent buy. He is sure to show you an unforgettable item that you just have to have. He sources all over the world and offers exclusive, hard to find items that are sure to delight!