Experience shopping, the way it is meant to be!

We, often get asked why we no longer offer an online store, especially since internet shopping is the new normal. The answer is simple, Amen Wardy doesn’t fit in a box. If you’ve ever been to one of our stores you know exactly what I’m talking about. You have to see, touch and feel the sheer variety and wondrous discoveries we have to offer.

Retail has definitely changed in many ways; it’s more convenient and accessible than ever, but in many ways, it’s lost its luster. What used to be fun and exclusive is now merely convenient. You might say after 60 plus years in business Amen Wardy is old school, but instead, he simply insists on keeping the glamor of shopping alive by offering destination shopping experiences. Believe me, it’s more fun than sitting on your couch and clicking away, opening a box is just not as fun as perusing shelves full of glamor, fun, and fantasy. Need some salsa or candy, come and taste it. Need a gift come and personally choose it! Need a new outfit for your table come let us show you how to put it together! Need some new accessories for your Aspen chic look, we have you covered!

Two great locations

Let us show you, on your next visit to Aspen, CO or Santa Fe, NM. We have moved into a larger more spacious Aspen store located at 625 E. Main St. and our brand new store in Santa Fe, NM is now open.

One last thought, as Amen’s Daughter I was raised at the tail end of glamorous, luxury, couture retail of the past, I believe that the personal shopping experience needs to stay alive, but I also feel you as our customers should have access to the worlds greatest gifts when you can’t be with us. So we are working on curating a revolving collection of Amen’s favorite things to be offered in limited quantities online.

The Gallery below is a glimpse of the exciting array of home goods that we carry.